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Rate: Norm’s hourly rate is $350. The parties will be responsible for paying advanced fees in the amount of $1,400 total that will cover the first four hours of mediation time. The requested date is not guaranteed until prepayment has been received and the agreement has been completed by all involved parties.

Scheduling a date: Norm's current availability can be requested by email to and/or Once a mutually agreeable date has been confirmed, an agreement to mediate will be sent to all involved attorneys and parties via Sign.Plus for e-signature. Upon confirmation of a date and receipt of the agreement, prepayment should be submitted by the parties. The requested date is not guaranteed until prepayment has been received and the agreement has been completed by all involved.

Division of fees: It is typical that the Norm's fee is split 50/50 by the parties. Unless there is an existing court order or a mutual agreement to divide the fee differently, the parties will be responsible for 50% of the prepaid fees, $700.00 each.

Payment methods: Payment can be made by check to Norm's PO box, online through the payment form on the his website (, or through the his PayPal account (

Additional fees and refunds of unused time: There will be a minimum charge of one hour for any duration of mediation session. If the mediation concludes with fewer than four hours of time used, appropriate refunds will be issued. If the mediation time exceeds four hours, the parties will be billed appropriately following the conclusion of the session. Prepaid time may include time spent reviewing submitted letters and pleadings in advance of the mediation session. Short summaries of the issues as contained in a mediation letter will not be billed. Additional materials submitted, or requests to review LINX files will be charged at the mediator’s discretion against the prepaid fees.    

Cancellation/Rescheduling: If the mediation must be cancelled or rescheduled, please provide as much advanced notice as possible out of courtesy to the mediator’s schedule. Cancellation fees will be charged when mediation is cancelled by one or both parties. If notice of cancellation is received by the mediator 14 or more days before the scheduled start of the mediation, the parties will be reimbursed 50%, $350 each, if sharing fees equally. Mutually agreed upon notice of rescheduling received 14 or more days before the scheduled mediation may incur a rescheduling fee at the discretion of the mediator’s office. If notice of cancellation or rescheduling is received fewer than 14 days before the scheduled start of the mediation, 100% of the deposit becomes non-refundable. If one party unilaterally cancels the mediation, reimbursement of the deposit to the non-cancelling party is not the responsibility of the mediator’s office – this must be coordinated between the parties and/or counsel without the involvement of the mediator’s office.

[Updated 4/11/24]
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